Power and Bus Protection Units


Silver Engineering Inc. offers several Bus Protection Units designed to protect the power input to a spacecraft or payload during integration and test activates. The BPU’s monitor for over/under voltage and over current and disconnects power in the event of a fault condition.

BPU 1G Monitors Over and Under Voltage in a standalone configuration. Current protection by DC circuit break. Power connect/disconnect mercury relay. 35A standard, 50VDC
BPU 2G Monitors Over and Under Voltage in a standalone and remote modes. Adjustable current protection. Remote control via DAQ interface. Can monitor 2 external analog voltages. +/- 100A switching 50VDC. Bus disconnect with FET switch and Power Relay. Flexible architecture.
OVPU Over Voltage Protection Unit. Supports twelve 50A power sources like Solar Array Simulators, Battery Simulators, T-0 etc. Ethernet interface for status monitoring. 26 Channels of continuous sampling and post/pre storage buffer of voltages and currents including monitoring of spacecraft critical power bus.

Bus Protection Unit Pricing Information

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