Silver Engineering Inc. specializes in manufacturing an array of technological products. Some of our products include Command Encoders Units (CEU), Power and Bus Protection Units (BPU), and Breakout Boxes (BOB). Here are some of our current products:

Command Encoder Unit


A Command Encoder Unit is a command encoder that provides a choice of modulation formats as output to an RF modulator. Here are some of the features of our command encoders:

  • Modulation Formats
    • STDN
    • SGLS
    • AM/FSK
    • HSUL
  • Highly User Programmable
  • TCP Communications Interface
  • OS/COMET Support
  • Encryptor Interface

Power and Bus Protection Units

Our Power and Bus Protection Units are designed to protect the power input to a spacecraft or flight box against over voltage, under voltage, and over current fault conditions. Our latest model BPU 2G supports 100ADC, has a remote control interface and can include monitoring of two external voltages. BPU 2G

Breakout Boxes

NEW! D-SS Series Breakout Box

Our Breakout Boxes and Boards provide an easy way to access signals for testing, monitoring, verification, and troubleshooting. Here are some of the breakout boxes we offer:

We also offer an option to customize breakout boxes for individual needs.

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