Bus Protection Unit Model BPU 2G


The Bus Protection Unit Model BPU 2G is designed to protect the power input to spacecraft/payloads during development and system test activities. The BPU is placed between the BUS power supply and the Electrical Power System inputs. The BPU supports connection to Battery Simulators where current flow can be a sink or source. The BPU also supports unidirectional for connection to a Solar Array simulator or simple power source.

The BPU 2G can operate in standalone or remote modes. All voltage and current thresholds are manually set on the front panel using simple trim pots. Remote mode cannot change thresholds settings, thus avoiding programming or configuration errors. Remote mode uses a simple discrete control/status interface which is well suited for a Data Acquisition (DAQ) system. The BPU 2G can monitor two external analog signals and turn off the BUS if a preset threshold is exceeded.

The BPU 2G has many more features which are better described in BPU 2G product brief:


BPU 2G Product Brief

Bus Protection Unit Pricing Information

Typical BPU 2G Usage


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