NCEU-NAVSOC / Command Encoder Unit


The NCEU Chassis Specifications: 

  • AM-FSK Modulation 50-ohm output format is suitable for an Exciter/Modulator 
  • Outputs SGLS compatible tones at 1KBPS rate and is AM modulated by a 500Hz triangular waveform: Logic one: 95 KHz, Logic zero = 76 KHz, Logic S = 65 KHz (tone accuracy is +/- 1%) 
  • AM/FSK output amplitude adjustable from 0.5 to 3.0 volts peak-to-peak 
  • Adjustable modulation factor from 0.45 to 0.55 
  • Adjustable bit rate from 990 to 1010 BPS in 1BPS steps 
  • Two RS-232 ports for input command packets (9600 BAUD) 
  • Interfaces to Mykotronx KIT-223 Encryptor Unit for 63-Bit commands 
  • Accepts Encryptor 63-Bit Bypass and Crypto Commands 
  • Accepts 20, 32, or 48-Bit Clear (non-encrypted) Commands 
  • Provides 16K bytes of Command Buffering 
  • Programmable idle tone and minimum idle tones between commands 
  • Provides 50-ohm outputs of SGLS tones identical in content to the AM/FSK output 
  • Loopback feature accepts 50-ohm SGLS tone inputs and outputs tone data to a separate RS-232 port (9600 BAUD) 

The NCEU Chassis Major Features:

  • Digitally synthesized SGLS tones and triangle modulation waveform 
  • Front panel LCD display provides a configuration menu for the following parameters; Amplitude, Bit-Rate, Modulation Factor, Command Port Selection, Preamble Tone, Preamble Length, Idle Tone, Minimum Idle Duration, LCD Contrast, Audio Loudness, Loopback Mode, Encryptor Initalization 
  • Configuration parameters are stored in non-volatile memory 
  • Front panel LCD display also provides operational status 
  • Utilizes dual Motorola MC68HC11 Microcontrollers 
  • Software provides built-in-test capability 
  • 19-inch rack-mountable unit (3.50 inches high) 

The NECU Chassis Available Options:

  • Loopback verification option permits loopback data to be decryted and the received data pattern to be sent to the Command Port 
  • SGLS compatible 2KBPS output rate option 
  • Other options available upon request 

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