ICM 3-Bay Racks

ICM The Software Test Bed (STB), Johnson Space Center Test Bed (JTB), and EAGE/ELSE 3-Bay Racks are non-flight elements of the Interim Control Module (ICM) for the International Space Station (ISS). The STB, JTB, and EAGE/ELSE 3-Bay Racks house the command, communications and control system, the attitude orbit simulator, and all hardware necessary to connect to the ICM Spacecraft Controller (ISC) Test Rack. Together with the ICS Test Rack, these bays provide an environment to fully integrate, test,

validate, and verify the functional requirements of the ICM Flight Software. The STB, JTB, and EAGE/ELSE 3-Bay Racks also provide an environment for training personnel who will be interacting with the ICM Flight Software by providing a high fidelity simulation of the Interim Control Module. The EAGE 3-Bay Rack shall be used as part of the ELSE system at KSC to remotely interface with the ELSE 2-Bay Rack which shall be located at the pad.

The Integration and Test (I&T) VME Chassis

The I&T Chassis was developed to support Command, Control, and Communication functions. The chassis resides in bay 1 of the STB, JTB, and EAGE/ELSE 3-Bay Racks.

The Attitude Sensor Simulator (ACS SIM) VME Chassis

The ACS SIM was developed to simulate two star tracker cameras and three inertial measurement units. The digital input reads the ACS thruster fire word from each ISC, and the digital output simulates FPSSS data. The chassis resides in bay 3 of the STB, JTB, and EAGE/ELSE 3-Bay Racks. 

ELSE 3-Bay Rack

During launch operations at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), the EAGE 3-Bay Rack converts from an integration and test component, to the launch support component known as the ELSE 3-Bay Rack. The ELSE 3-Bay Rack is used at the Vertical Processing Facility (VPF) test cell during post shipment tests and at the VPF-VPPSF for CITE tests to test and verifying the KSC T-0 umbilical. During launch operations the ELSE 3-Bay Rack is used as an interface to monitor the health and status of the ICM spacecraft prior to launch via remote interface with the ELSE 2-Bay Rack residing at the Orbiter launch pad.

Capabilities and Functions

  • Performs post-shipment tests
  • Monitor health and status of ICM prior to launch
  • Interactive command capability
  • Distribute ICM telemetry to Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas
  • Distribute ICM telemetry to NRL Engineering Node (NEN) at the NRL in Washington, D.C.
  • Accept formatted commands from JSC and forward to the ICM spacecraft
  • Interface to remote ELSE 2-Bay Rack at the Orbiter launch pad

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