VCEU - VME Command Encoder Unit


VCEU Introduction

The VME Command Encoder Unit (VCEU) is capable of generating various standard spacecraft command formats. The VCEU incorporates a 400K Xilinx FPGA and a Flash Based FPGA Configuration storage device making the VCEU cards a very programmable hardware architecture. The VCEU card’s rich features and resources allow the card to be used and reused for many applications unrelated to spacecraft command/telemetry links


  • Generate Analog and Digital BPSK used by STDN applications
  • Generate AM/FSK used by SGLS applications
  • Generate Data and Clock digital outputs for STND
  • Receive, correlate, and buffer Data and Clock digital inputs
  • Generate Ternary digital outputs for SGLS (1,0,S, CLK)
  • Receive, correlate, and buffer Ternary digital inputs (SGLS)
  • Forward link output buffer of 4K words (8KB) minimum
  • Forward link input buffer of 4K words (8KB) minimum
  • Provisions for KG61 interface
  • Provisions for KIT223A interface
  • Automatically inserts 0 to 216 bits of minimum idle data between commands
  • Provide programmable STDN idle data, all 1's, all 0's, or alternating 1's and 0's
  • Provide programmable SGLS idle data, 1,0,S, NULL
  • Provide programmable command rates
  • Provide audio output during commanding sequence
  • Provide spare RS422 inputs and outputs via main FPGA
  • Provide spare 50ohm TTL inputs and outputs via main FPGA
  • Provide spare open drain transistor outputs via main FPGA
  • Provide spare interfaces directly to P2 from main FPGA
  • Interface to VMEbus as A32 D32/D16 slave with interrupter
  • Provide selectable VMEbus address decode and IRQ select
  • Designed with a large capacity FPGA for easy 
    adaptation to custom applications

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