Ocean Data Telemetry Microsat Link (ODTML)


ODTML is a lightweight, low power UHF satellite or Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV) communications system. It is designed to extract data from widely distributed sensors such as ocean data buoys or unattended ground sensors.


The ODTML system consists of a Spacecraft Communications Payload (SCP) that resides on a satellite or UAV and a Ground to Space Communications Terminal (GSCT) that is integrated with individual ground sensors or ground sensor networks.

The SCP is currently operational on board the TacSat-3 spacecraft.  SCP units are installed and ready for launch on the STP-SIV and TacSat-4 spacecraft scheduled for launch in September and November of 2010, respectively. 

Silver Engineering provided:

  • Electrical Design
  • FPGA Design
  • Microcontroller Firmware Design
  • Simulation and Testing Software
  • PWB Design

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