Naval EarthMap Observer (NEMO)

NEMO NEMO is a joint effort between Naval Research Laboratory and a commercial partner as a dual-use remote sensing satellite for demonstrating, developing, and distributing hyperspectral technology and imagery to the government and commercial sectors.

Silver Engineering, Inc. is responsible for the Command, Telemetry, and Data Handling for the NEMO spacecraft. SEI is designing the high speed switched network module and the wide band data formatter for the payload controller sub-system of the satellite. SEI also is responsible for the P1 and P2 backplanes used within the NEMO payload controller.

Silver Engineering, Inc. is designing the Switch Ear/Mouth function for the NEMO EAGE (electrical aerospace ground equipment) system and is supplying Bus Protection Units (BPU) and NEMO compatible command encoder units (NEMO-CEU) in support of ground testing.

Payload Controller - Switch Matrix

  • Main board contains FPGA Switch Matrix for A and B sides
  • Daughter card contains PECL Drivers and Receivers for A and B sides
  • Actel 14100, 7 Port In, 6 Port Out, 200Mbps Switch Matrix
  • Redundant
  • Fully Cross-Strapped

Wide Band Formatter

  • FPGA Formatting Section
  • PECL Serializer for I and Q Channels
  • Microcode Frame Formatting Control (uploadable from the ground)
  • Actel 14100, 150Mbps X Band Downlink, 1.024Mbps S Band Downlink
  • Fully CCSDS, Reed Solomon, Pseudo Randomized, Differentially Encoded, Convolutional Encoded

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