Interim Control Module (ICM)


The Interim Control Module (ICM) was NASA's plan to keep the International Space Station in orbit if the Russian resupply rockets became unavailable.

The Interim Control Module is a space vehicle developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) International Space Station (ISS).The ICM is designed to provide reboost and attitude control with on-orbit emergency refuel capability, and to separate from the ISS and re-enter the atmosphere at ICM end-of-life. The ICM contains subsystems providing the following capabilities:

  • Reboost propulsion
  • Propulsive attitude control and ISS Control Moment Gyro (CMG) desaturation
  • Electrical power generation, distribution, and control
  • Radio frequency (RF) command, control, and communications links to the ground
  • Real-time operations command, control, and monitoring support to the ISS
  • Thermal control
  • On-board data processing
  • ICM deorbit propulsion.

The ICM design is based on an existing qualification vehicle, resident at the Naval Research Lab (NRL), that was adapted to fly this mission. The ICM and its associated Aerospace Support Equipment (ASE) will be launched on a dedicated flight of the Space Shuttle Orbiter. The ICM’s design approach makes maximum use of hardware, software, and technology from prior programs originating at the NRL.

Silver Engineering, Inc. contributed to the Interim Control Module (ICM) program providing electrical, software, mechanical, and manufacturing support in the design of ICM's ground systems. The equipment developed by SEI for ICM contributes in the development, examination, analysis, and testing of the ICM vehicle during vehicle integration and launch

ICM Electrical Ground Support Equipment


Listed below are some of the systems designed and built by SEI for the ICM program:

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