ICEU Command Encoder Unit


The ICEU VME Card Specifications

  • Simulates all the digital interfaces of the ICM S-Band Transponder (SBT or Transponder)
  • All simulated Transponder interfaces are optp isolated from VME ground 
  • VMEbus interface for forward link data, 4096 words of buffering 
  • Automatically inserts 32-bits of minimum idle data between commands 
  • Programmable idle data, all 1's, all 0's, or alternating 1's and 0's 
  • VMEbus inferface for correlated return link data, 32 frames of buffering 
  • Return link data is appended with time tag and CRC is checked 
  • VMEbus interface for Transponder Mode/Frequency command reception 
  • VMEbus interface for Transponder Status generation 
  • Provides interface between JSC test facilities and ISC flight equivalent units 
  • Provides forward link data to TURFTS (Digital NRZ-M) 
  • Provides forward link data to TURFTS (Analoge BPSK) 
  • Receives return link data from TURFTS 
  • Generates LC EPOCH signals 
  • Drives forward link data and receives return link data over the umbilical cable during launch support 
  • Interfaces to the ELSE Bus Protection Unit (ELSE-BPU), during launch support 
  • Interfaces to the ELSE Ordinance Reset VME Card, during launch support
PDF ICEU Block Diagram

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