HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload (HREP)

HREP The HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload - Remote atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System (HREP-RAIDS) experiment will provide atmospheric scientists with a complete description of the major constituents of the thermosphere (layer of the Earth's atmosphere) and ionosphere (uppermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere), global electron density profiles at altitudes between 100 - 350 kilometers.

Silver Engineering Inc. designed and manufactured:

Instrument Interface Unit (IIU)

  • Optimized 8051 uController Embedded into Large Capacity FPGA
  • Packaging Concept Provides for I/O On All Four Sides
  • Design Functions Based On SEI Heritage Designs
  • SEU/SEL Tolerant
  • 1553 Interface for ISS Communications
  • PDU Controller
  • ICU Interfacing

Instrument Computer Unit (ICU)

  • Uses Mostly Off-The-Shelf Hardware for Firewire, Ethernet, Solid State Disk, and Windows Based PC
  • PC104+ Modules, SEU/SEL Comparable Performance
  • Packaging Design Is A Hermetic Sealed Container

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

  • DC-DC Converters To Convert 120Vdc to 28Vdc Levels
  • Communicates with IIU For Power Control and Telemetry Functions




SEI also designed a custom Windows GUI application compiled using Borland C++ Builder 2007, combined with a Ballard Technology OmniBusBox 1553 interface, to simulate ISS command and telemetry communications utilizing CCSDS formatting to test the IIU.


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