Advanced Operations Validation Center (AOVC)



SEI designed and built a Satellite Simulator/Ground System known as AOVC, for the Naval Research Laboratory, to evaluate new and current satellite software vendor's Test and Operations Software to be used on future missions. Here is a listing of system features:

AOVC's Features:

  • Satellite Simulator: Receives Uplink Commands and generates Downlink Telemetry.
  • Ground System: Generates Uplink Commands and receives Downlink Telemetry, which is where the new software is evaluated.
  • Ground System integrates two operational modes: A Ground Station, and as a Integration and Test (I&T) component.
  • Ground System incorporates the VCEU, VME Command Encoder Unit, and COTS PC based VME Processor and Data Generator.
  • Ground System is transportable for use at Software Vendor's facilities.
  • The Ground System is comprised of two stacking Hardigg Cases which have a rackmounted COTS VME chassis, 21-inch monitor, and keyboard with touchpad.


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